We love Bohemian Design , Free and Unconventional

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So what is Bohemian design or often referred to as boho chic? In a few words: Life, color, culture and freedom. The word bohemian comes from the French word ‘’gipsy’’, and it is usually embraced from people that have artistic backgrounds or they just have it in their spirits, to live unconventionally.

I think that most people are afraid to use color and pattern in their houses but once they try it, they  never want to go back to minimalism or plain modern.

Bohemian design embraces the modern, carefree and casual side of design. It is simply a combination of colors, fabrics, textures and furniture, that give you the feeling of freedom. It is the conscious choice of not following the basics of interior design, things do not have to be aligned, and mostly colors are not combined to each other as usual. So since there are no rules, anyone can do whatever they feel in their space, as long as they feel comfortable, and they are enjoying their ‘’self-made’’ space.




An all white palette on walls and floors, can easily make the colorful pillows stand out (source: Maison Belle) 

If you want to create a space that feels more like your outgoing, free spirit then you can start by adding more color and start by adding on the walls all the old vinyls and posters that you are hiding in a box, or even old photographs, or  even your favorite decorative objects from your grandmother’s house that you might think that nobody will appreciate. After you made the first step, then it will come out naturally, just create a space that you enjoy spending your time in.



Just add a very colorful armchair in front of a plain wall, things will start looking more fun.(source:ashflynn)