Sun and Blue Hotel

” Blue and Gold tints mix to represent the colors of the Mediterranean.”



Sun and Blue hotel was one of the most refreshing projects we worked on. New build in the area of Ayia Napa, Cyprus, gave a new character

to the surrounding environment. Clean and fresh represents the overall result of this project.


The facade of the building was covered with wooden texture HPL (High Pressure Laminates), which gave a very modern feel combined with the

plain white walls of the rest of the building.

We like consistency, so the design of the reception desk is matching the philosophy of the overall design. The back wall of the reception was

painted with Perlaceo effect (San Marco Paints), which is a style characterized by valuable chromatic effects. This technique is our favorite as

it gives some kind of movement on the wall as well as it changes color and intensity when the light is different during the day.






The lounge area of a hotel should always give a relaxing feel to the customers visiting a new destination. We combined dark wood with dark

blue shades on the sofas keeping the rest of the colors clean and light.





The secret ingredient in a successful design, is the trust from the client. If a designer is lucky enough to have that kind of communication with a client

then success is guaranteed. This bedroom design proves that we were given clear guidelines of what was expected from us, and we designed an airy,

light and modern room representing the name of the hotel to the fullest.