Stamatia Hotel

‘’A wonderful dream adventure’’


Stamatia hotel has been designed having in mind the endless blue of the Mediterranean as well as the small details that characterize a Greek Island. The entire lobby area has been renovated completely, and everything has been studied carefully, so that every square meter of the entire space is not left unused.



Entering the lobby area, a swarm of seagulls are decorating the opposite wall, welcoming the customers with a different approach, welcoming and dreamy. This enormous work of art is the focal point for every visitor of this particular Hotel. This work of art is made from 300 seagulls made out of ceramic. This beautiful piece of art with the combination of lighting which …. Makes the customers travel to a ‘’wonderful dream adventure’’ as we like to describe it.



All materials used in the entire hotel, combined with various tints of turquoise and wood, resulted to an unbelievable outcome. The dark shade of walnut, combined with the raw wood on the table lambs, instantly give the sense of what the characteristics are of Greek island, like Cyprus.






The reception desk has been covered with natural marble in dark shades, creating a beautiful contrast with the white horizontal surface of the counter. At the back side, we designed a special structure which is lighted with perforated panels in the hues of gold adding some romantic details in the overall image.



When it comes to lighting, we used LED lamps which save energy from 50 – 80 %. These lamps use less energy compared to the usual lamps, and most importantly they do not heat up. Moreover, due to their long lifespan, they do not need to be changed so this leads to less debris for the hotel owner in the long run. This project has been added to the European plan ‘I save, I upgrade’ which aims to the energy saving in large scale buildings.