Kitchen Design Trends 2019/20

During the last 10 years of experience working with various clients around the country we realized that the kitchen, is the most important area, is like the kitchen is the heart of their house. So taking that into consideration, we thought that is worthwhile writing about what is trending when it comes to design, and what is new that is important to have in mind, especially when you are renovating or building a new home.

Something that is really common for many homeowners is the use of an open space area usually with the living room and the dining area. The reason most people use an open space is to be able to communicate with the rest of the family and to be able to socialize while cooking and the rest of the family or friends watching television. What is more precious than spending as much time as possible with loved ones.

So in this blog is all about the kitchen and some tricks that you can you to make your life easier especially when you are designing your kitchen from the beginning.


Designer :Vincent Van Duysen


Minimal and Concealed Spaces

One of the most interesting types of design is the one which uses concealed spaces. What that actually means, is that you design your kitchen shelving and storage areas as you wish, but in the end result when everything is closed you are able to see wooden panels and anything specific you want to be seen. Isn’t that fascinating? The fans of minimalism  will be excited to know that there are other solutions when it comes to kitchen cupboards.



Designer : Dante Bonuccelli   


Handle Free and Lighted Shelving

Designers that are specialized in the kitchen areas, through out the years tried to design as unique as possible, I think that in any field of design we try to go beyond expectations. So they were trying to come up with an idea on how to actually design something which is more elegant and simple to the eye. So they came up with the idea of designing a grip  that is less obvious. To achieve this design of what is called ”handless” cabinets, an aluminium rail is routed into the cabinetry. This rails gives the optimum ergonomic performance as it appears and feels elegantly perfect.




Design: SieMatic


One way to escape the boring kitchen designs, where you only see cabinetry, is to use glass cases use illumination to create give a different look to the final outcome. The best choice as far as the overall outcome of the kitchen, is to have all the cabinetry in one wall, so you can hide all the dishes and utensils. The other wall can be used to make a ‘design statement‘. You can use glass displays to avoid dust going all over your stuff, and also illuminate the displays to create depth and give a much nicer effect to the space. The illumination is practical but a beautiful design feature that will never stay unnoticed.


Designer : SieMatic 


Color Cabinetry , Stay true to your colors


The use of color, frightens most of the people, as they think that they will get bored of it or will stop feeling inspired or many other excuses. If you get bored so what. You can always change the cabinetry. I f you are courageous enough to make such decisions , good for you, we are definitely on your side. Kitchens are the areas where we spent most of our family moments, it might as well be playful and colorful. You can always use a basic color for the framing of the kitchen and match a color of contrast that will be used mainly on the doors. So when you feel the need to make some changes you can only change the cabinetry doors. Besides sometimes we need to take some risks, maybe that is all we need to achieve the best results.


Designer: Fame Kitchens 

Designer : Rachel Vigor

Designer : Cartelle Design 


Kitchen Design Consists of many aspects that really need to be addressed before deciding the final results. Ergonomics, aesthetics as well as functionality are the most important things to consider. If these are achieved then the rest is an easy task.