Houseplants that actually improve your health

These days pollution and more specifically dust, is one of the main factors that people get allergies get sick and most of the times, they have no idea where all these sicknesses are coming from.  The fact that our environment is polluted there is not much that we can do to fix it, but what we can actually do, is improve the air quality of our houses. Below there is a list of indoor plants that improve the air and make the overall feel of the space more relaxed and visually more appealing.


The scent of lavender is well known by most people. It is also known for the calming effects. It is used for centuries in aromatherapies but these days are used in skin and hair treatments. Growing lavender indoors is a bit tricky as it requires a good amount of sun, but if you have a window located south it will be fine. It needs watering when the soil is almost dry. So if you need to add a bit of natural scent in your space, lavender is always a good solution.


Spider Plants have long narrow leaves that can grow up to 20 to 45 centimeters. It has a green color with a beautiful white stripe in the middle which makes more interesting. When fully grown it needs to always have moist soil. Studies have shown that spider plants can reduce the amount of formaldehyde which is a compound that comes from various building components such as plywood, particle boards, resins, paints, varnishes as well as cigarettes. So if you moved into a new apartment and you feel a bit uncomfortable with the smell of all the new furniture, it is recommended that you add a pot of a spider plant. It will improve the air quality of your house and your health in the long term.



This plant is very beautiful tall with wide leaves and stunning white blossom lilies.

Peace lilies are easy to maintain, they do not need natural sun, indoor lighting is enough for them. When they need to be watered they show it by lowering their big wide leaves. This beautiful plant helps to reduce toluene and xylene in the air and also the most common Volatile Organic Compounds that are found in new furnishings, office equipment and even photocopiers.  This plant is not only beautiful but does a very crucial job to clean the air from toxic gases that we are not even aware of.


The gel of this amazing plant has a lot of healing properties, it can heal a minor burn, it can be applied to hair and face as mask when combined with other ingredients. Therefore the gel can be ingested to help relieve acid reflux and mild constipation. This spiky plant needs a lot of sun and it can be watered every 2- 4 weeks. So when it comes to the benefits when you have it indoors it helps with the air quality. The amazing fact about it is that when the chemicals in the air are excessive it leaves brown spots on its leaf so you will notice immediately. This plant does it all for you, cleaning the air for better health, but can be used for home remedies as well.

5. RUBBER TREE(Ficus elastica)

Rubber trees are can easily grow, as they can thrive even in dim lighting environments. They are considered to be low maintenance as they do not need a lot of water, if you overdo it with the moisture, it will turn its leaves yellow and fall. It is a plan that is very powerful in purifying the air. What they actually do is, the convert exhaled carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen, through their big leaves. Isn’t this amazing?