Cool Product of the Day

Recently I found out that some people do not like the idea of sitting at a proper desk working. What they actually prefer is to have a taller version of desk that can make them feel more special, thus feel motivated to work more effectively.

I had to research about it and came across this amazing designer, called Pavel Vetrov who actually took desk design in a whole new level. His innovative idea goes beyond aesthetics as it combines everything functionality and beauty at the same time. The ‘UFO Desk’ as he named it, is a desk that is multinational and is equipped everything needed for a modern user.

Image source : Pavel Vetrov


The coolest past of all this amazing desk can be adjusted to any height the user wishes. It gives you everything that you ever dreamy of on a modern simple and elegant design and the and veneer details betray ease and create comfort in tactile use.





Image source : Pavel Vetrov