Cool Material Of the Day

‘’Good Design is where science and art meet in decorum’’ – Robin Mathew


It is with a great excitement that I am writing this blog, as this material has been my favorite since the day it entered my office. It is a new revolutionary material that aims to provide an innovative response to any architectural and design demands. Neolith, even though looks quite as porcelain or tile is nothing like it. On the contrary is an extreme revolution of the two, resulting to a surface that never existed in the past. Neolith is the pioneer of the Sintered Compact Surfaces.


Photo Credit : Neolith 


Photo Credit : Neolith 

Neolith Composition:

  1. Granite Minerals
  2. Glass minerals and Silica that grant chemical Stability
  3. Natural Oxides that grant chromatic properties.

Neolith Technical Features:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Waterproof – Absorption Level at almost zero
  3. Resistant to UV Rays – Its Colours do not fade away
  4. Resistant to bending
  5. Resistant to Scratches
  6. 100% Natural
  7. Easy to Clean
  8. Hygienic
  9. Resistant to Ice and Thaw
  10. Resistance to High Temperatures
  11. Recyclable

Neolith Uses:

  • Kitchen Counter Tops
  • Kitchen Designs/ Kitchen Sinks
  • Bathrooms
  • Interiors
  • Facades
  • Furniture

If by any chance you find this material exciting as we do, you can always ask us anything you want to know and how you can use it to create something that your space stands out from the rest.