Balcony Design Ideas

So, do you live in a city apartment, and summer is near and all that space on your balcony needs to be something a bit more attractive, especially for friends and family? Here are some ideas that you can use and adjust to your preferences to firstly,  impress but most importantly to enjoy your balcony like never before.

Simple and cheap stuff can make a huge difference to a space, even if it is interior or exterior. What we always support is design on a limited budget, so you can always be happy to make any future changes without regretting the huge amount spent on the previous redesign.

First of all you should consider the size of your balcony which is very important, and secondly what is the mood or in other words, what the use of the balcony is. Is it for chill out space for wine and shisha, or is it something to accommodate friends for coffee in the afternoon or both?


1. Poufs ,Ottomans or else Beanbags

If there is limited space, there is always an alternative when choosing furniture. For example one perfect choice especially for summer, is the pouf/ ottoman piece of furniture that can be a very relaxing addition to your balcony.  Home Collections,  is a small store located in Cyprus, that can customize these type of furniture to your own personal preferences such as color shape and size.


2. Budget Friendly Sitting Area

Do you by any chance have any available wood palettes? Do not throw them away, you can create amazing stuff from things you least expect it. What you can do, is take 6 to 8 pieces depending on the size of balcony you have available start by using a sander to smooth all the surfaces and finish by applying varnish in any color you prefer. The only thing left is to add cushions so you can sit comfortably and for many hours.


Photo Credit: The Merry Thought


3. Plants are always a good idea

Plants always make the environment more pleasant. It is visually more satisfying, and the aroma added to the overall environment, is taking the experience to another level, especially when you are living in the city. It also a good idea if you start growing your own herb garden, cooking will never be the same again I promise. Small wooden pots,recyclable tins or even colorful ones can give another feel to your balcony. Think about the final result, what do you actually want, this is definitely up to each individual’s character.

Photo Credit: GooGDSN

Photo Credit : Paper & Stitch

4. Lighting effects and setting the mood

If you want to add some romance in the overall feel of the balcony you can add lanterns in any style you wish. Another simple yet effective idea is outdoor lighting, for example solar powered  string lights or just simply lots of candles in interesting holders. Lighting always changes the mood, and is usually related to relaxing, chill and enjoy the moment.